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SUBURBICON: A Quiet Town Turned Upside Down In The First Official Trailer

Director George Clooney's latest effort with The Coen Brothers has its first official trailer out for a good sampling of some delightful dark comedy in the film, Suburbicon. Actor Matt Damon reunites with his fellow Oceans trilogy star on opposite sides of the camera and with Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac headlining a tale that hybridizes a lot in its bizzare and fascinating imagery. Think of your favorite sitcom set in the 50's and then drench it in blood, because that's what this trailer does.
Suburbicon is a peaceful, idyllic suburban community with affordable homes and manicured lawns…the perfect place to raise a family, and in the summer of 1959, the Lodge family is doing just that. But the tranquil surface masks a disturbing reality, as husband and father Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) must navigate the town’s dark underbelly of betrayal, deceit, and violence. This is a tale of very flawed people making very bad choices. This is Suburbicon. Enjoy below and make note of …

The First Teaser For Jing And Chung's THE GOLDEN MONK Delivers Monks, Fairies And Dueling Dragons

Film duo Wong Jing and Billy Chung, with shared credits including as Kung Fu Mahjong, Colour Of The Loyalty and My Schoolmate, The Barbarian, have paired up once more with the new action adventure, The Golden Monk. The two direct with Jing taking on a producer role for a sprawling fantasy with the likes of actor Ryan Zheng (So Young, Running Man) and actress Kitty Zhang (CJ7, The Mermaid) leading the cast.
The film paves the way for an epic tale of self-discovery for a monk who sets out to find his one true fairy love after learning he's the reincarnation of a fairy spirit once cast down from heaven. We now have our first teaser for the film which opens in China on September 30, hailing from Beijing Hairun Pictures and Mega-Vision Project Workshop. Check it out below along with the latest poster.

ENJOYING THE RIDE: An Interview With 'Baby Driver' Co-Star R Marcos Taylor

It was back in 2014 when I first caught actor and stuntman R Marcos Taylor in Tony Clomax's action short, Broken Angels. Needless to say, Taylor's credits in film and TV date back further in a series of achievements that have seen him ascend more politically as an actor having debuted to award-winning status with the independent martial arts comedy, Paying Mr. McGetty, as well as co-starring roles in F. Gary Gray's Straight Outta Compton and this summer's release, Baby Driver.

The latter, from Cornetto Trilogy helmer Edgar Wright has earned a total of $121 million dollars at the box office which surely makes for a neat addition to Taylor's growing resumé. I managed to send some questions to Taylor who took some time to briefly answer some questions in the course of his busy schedule and rest assured, this won't be the last we hear from Taylor; As it just so happens, he himself is a formidable martial artist which nothing short of emboldens one's caliber as…

David McKenzie's OUTLAW KING Casts Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Actor and director, Chris Pine and David McKenzie of Hell Or High Water fame are reuniting for the new period war epic, Outlaw King, as part of a slate of upcoming Netflix titles as of earlier this year. As of Thursday, the two will be joined by actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (The Wall) who will play James Douglas to Pine's Robert The Bruce in service of William Wallace, the 13th century knight and Commander who led the Scottish to independence against the English.
per Mike Fleming Jr.'s report at Deadline: Douglas is a storied figure in Scottish history, and from what I’m reading, it’s hard to imagine Robert the Bruce would have succeeded in beating back England King Edward I’s armies if he didn’t have Douglas as his right-hand man. The son of the first noble to support William Wallace when the figure memorialized in Braveheartfomented the first movement toward independence from the English, Douglas saw his father’s lands given away, and after being denied them by the English ki…

SKYSCRAPER Casts 'Ghost In The Shell' Co-Star Chin Han

After filming creature thriller game adaptation, Rampage, actor and mega producer Dwayne Johnson's next area of focus is action thriller, Skyscraper, reuniting with Central Intelligence helmer Rawson Marshall Thurber. The film has also now added actor Chin Han to the cast following roles in Netflix series Marco Polo and manga adaptation Ghost In The Shell.

Han joins actresses Neve Campbell with Johnson tackling the role of Will Ford, a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran who now assesses security for skyscrapers. When Ford is assigned to assess the world's tallest, safest building in China, he is subsequently framed for setting it ablaze and must team up with the building's visionary owner and designer to trek the building and save his trapped family while finding those responsible.
Johnson also serves as a producer under his Seven Bucks Productions banner. Thurber will also producer alongside Beau Flynn via his FlynnPictureCo. Executive producers …

TRIPLE FRONTIER Finds Legs With Wahlberg, Hunnam, Hedlund, Pascal, Arjona And More

The road to fruition for upcoming action thriller, Triple Frontier, has been a long and winding one. The revolving door of actors dates back as far as 2010 with recent news of Channing Tatum, Mahershala Ali, Tom Hardy, Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck all circling the film at some point this year until departing the project while it eventually transitioned from Paramount over to Netflix back in May.
News finally broke on Wednesday for the film revealing talks are happening with actors Mark Wahlberg (Transformers: The Last Knight), Charlie Hunnam (King Arthur), Garrett Hedlund (Mudbound) and Pedro Pascal (The Great Wall) with actress Adria Arjona (The Belko Experiment) also starring. As Deadline writes, details are still nil while what is know is that the film will center its story in the notorious border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil where the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge. 
A Most Violent Year helmer J.C. Chandor will direct from his own revisal of Mark Boal's scri…

SKY HUNTER Takes Chinese Propaganda To The Skies In The First Teaser

Not to subject itself too much to period pieces to stand on its own, China's latest propaganda push is going vertical this year in Chronicles Of The Ghostly Tribe star Li Chen's latest, Sky Hunter. There's not much in terms of an available plot here but the first teaser is now online with lots of military muscle and might to gin up attention, along with some starpower joinihg Chen with actress Fan Bingbing and actor Wang Qianyuan.

It's China's first aerial warfare film at that so this ought to definitely put some butts in seats when the film opens on September 30. Good on the PLA if that's the case, provided the film stands critically on its own merit.

Peep the teaser below.

WOLF WARRIOR 2 Lands An August 4 U.K. Release!

Starting this Friday will be a limited theatrical rollout in sync with China's Friday release of star and director Wu Jing's new movie, Wolf Warrior 2, in two English territories. Well Go USA's release will be this Friday and will then follow through with a U.K. release a week later on August 4 from Cine Asia and CMC Pictures. China's deadliest Special Forces operative, known as the Wolf Warrior (Wu Jing – Call of Heroes, Kill Zone), hopes to settle into a quiet life by the sea. But after he crosses paths with a ruthless band of mercenaries, overseen by a volatile and sadistic leader (Frank Grillo - Warrior, Captain America: Civil War), he must reaffirm his duty as a soldier to put an end to the terrorizing of innocent civilians. Fists, bullets, tanks and missiles will fly in this tour-de-force of bravura action filmmaking, all culminating in a climactic battle between the highly skilled Wolf Warrior, and the brutal mercenary leader. Cine Asia and CMC have since accomp…

Review: IMBROGLIO Methodizes Its Madness With Cataclysmic Poetry

I don't usually listen to independent rock. It's not that I have an issue with it, really, but that it never stays in my purview long enough when it appears, and I like listening to it when it does. In this instance, filmmaker Christopher Zatta's pick of choice is a real gritty, groovy theme that plays at least twice in his latest ambitious short film, Imbroglio, coming out of its debut at Fantasia Festival this week.
With Tracy (Alina Andrei) in his possession, Kyle (Joseph Michael Harris) leads his own group of criminals as they stage a trade-off of for his brother, Pete, believed to be held hostage by David (Travis Johns) whose own group, has Anna (Zoë Bell) seeking vengeance against Kyle's over an earlier conflict. The standoff begins only to escalate even further when a dark twist is revealed, augmenting an already convoluted situation and ensuing a violent recapitulation from both sides in a hail of bullets, blunt force and vehicular destruction.
Zatta is no st…

BIRTH OF THE DRAGON: Phillip Ng Unleashes A Beat Down In A New Clip

I'm pretty certain director George Nolfi least expected to poke the hornet's nest going into 2017 with his latest Bruce Lee biopic, Birth Of The Dragon. However, I half-digress, as Nolfi told Netshark in an article just short of a week ago that his intention was to simply a fun kung fu movie akin to that of the seemingly folkloric franchise workup of the title role of Ip Man portrayed by action star Donnie Yen.

Personally, being an Ip fan, I would have been okay with that were it not for the fact that Groundswell Productions had been pushing it as a film based on a real-world event long before cameras were rolling, and now with the film's star, actor and martial artist Phillip Ng, expressing his own wish to do the late film and martial arts legend justice. Needless to say, messaging made all the difference here and the messaging was pretty poor, and it's unfortunate.

The film opens on August 25 and in the wake of scathing criticism from critics and fans who've see…