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PIMPKILLAH: Indie Comic Book And Film Auteur Sarah Bitely On The Evolution Of An Amazing Idea

About five years ago I managed to interview stuntwoman, actress and producer Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez. It was through her I managed to build a rapport with several other veterans and up-and-comers in the industry whilst getting an angle going on covering the stunt field and it was a privelege to be able to exchange with her than as it still is now from time to time.

She's a talented singer as well - a fact that I was reminded of clean and clear when last year, I managed to screen one of her most recent short film appearances, Pimpkillah, courtesy of filmmaker and comic book creator Sarah Bitely. I think it quite surprised Michelle and that was sort of the feeling I got when I commented on one of her posts at the time.

Alas, the shortfilm has since gone public, marking a significant milestone for the budding filmmaker and comic book creator who moved from her hometown on the outskirts of DC/Baltimore in Maryland to Los Angeles, California in 2010. Her coming out party has assuredly …

Review: Asif Akbar's ASTRO Alienates With Camp And Drab Sci-Fi

Filmmaker Asif Akbar's debut arrives as a franchise hopeful in which we reunite once again with action star and actor Gary Daniels in the sci-fi thriller, Astro. It's not Akbar's first stab at the genre and so some of what he contributes here holds up in terms of select moments of visual allure and character design.
It's respite, though, and so what remains to be seen is if he can build on what he's constructed with this film and improve the many flawed aspects that occur in his delivery. Many of the key CG shots are outright laughable in Akbar's attempt to bring a vast, big scale science fiction film to serve as the backdrop of a Daniels-led vehicle, which bodes as only bodes as one of the more frustrating aspects offered in this hour-and-forty-five minute endeavor.
The film takes right off from a quote by Plato and echoing headlines from the 1940s about extraterrestrial life. Fast forward to December 2018, we meet Jack Adams, a former soldier living on a remot…

LAYER OF LIES: Ramin Sohrab Suits Up Behind The Scenes In New Stills And Videos

In the hours since the unveiling of a new still from director Ramin Sohrab's new thriller, Layer Of Lies, we now have another few stills as well as a few BTS videos to share from the set. Production is only just starting in Tehran following the film's Helsinki shoot and the arduous process of getting pre-approved to film in the middle Eastern capital. An ex-fireman returns to his home country Iran after a decade-long absence, only to have his old enemy resurface and steal away what he treasures most - and now he'll stop at nothing to exact revenge. Production is expected to roll through the top of July. Sadly the photos don't bode much for folks curious on the action front but those are yet to come nonetheless. Moreover the photos are from Friday's shoot, so consider these gems real time!

CRY NO FEAR: Sibling Rivalry Puts Family To The Test In The Latest Trailer

Director Richard Somes is heading for some screentime on June 20 in the Philippines with home invasion thriller, Cry No Fear. The trailer starts pretty predictably in that the drama feels like something out of a novela which speaks to the simplicity of the plot while the crux of it offers something plentiful to look forward to. A suspense-thriller film about two half-sisters who totally hate each other. Kaycee (Donnalyn Bartolome) and Wendy (Ella Cruz) are always at each other’s throat. But when they were left alone in their house amidst a storm, with intruders trying to kill them, they have no choice but become partners and try to escape. Actresses Ella Cruz and Donnalyn Bartolome are at the center of the narrative which you can sample from in the player below!

L STORM: David Lam's Corruption Watchdog Trilogy Thriller Lands A First Trailer

Settling for a release on August 24, L Storm is the name now three films in for director David Lam's anti-corruption thriller franchise. The latest teaser bodes with as much action to whet the appetites for fans of Louis Koo who makes his return in one of several Koo headliners to come following a robust HK FilMart this year.
Z Storm director David Lam and leading man Louis Koo and Julian Cheung return for the sequel L Storm, an exciting crime thriller again centered around the workings of the ICAC, Hong Kong’s corruption watchdog law enforcement agency. Also starring are Julian Cheung Kevin Cheng, Stephy Tang and Michael Tse among the cast. Check out the trailer!

The Teaser For Jia Zhangke's ASH IS PUREST WHITE Gets Snappy

Recent review buzz on Jia Zhangke's new film, Ash Is Purest White, partly highlights its nod to various musical gems from Hong Kong cinema history - most notably Sally Yeh's Cantopop classic, Drunk For Life, as prolifically heard on the soundtrack of John Woo's 1989 bullet ballet hit, The Killer; Granted Jia's film doesn't necessarily look that stylish but certainly garners its own appeal as a crime drama that resonates.
At any rate, the acclaimed director's new film also didn't exactly go home empty handed following its in-competition premiere at this month 2018 festival at Cannes. The film is slated for a release in China on September 21 from MK2 and for this, we now have some trailer footage to share while cinephiles in the U.S. can look toward a small theatrical rollout from Cohen Media Group further on. Qiao is in love with Bin, a local mobster. During a fight between rival gangs, she fires a gun to protect him. Qiao gets five years in prison for this …

LAYER OF LIES Gets A New Look At Ramin Sohrab Looking Like He Just Knocked Someone The F*ck Out

Finnish actor, martial artist and filmmaker Ramin Sohrab is still in production with his latest feature-length debut efforts on martial arts action thriller, Layer Of Lies. In the meantime, we now have a new look at Sohrab looking like he just laid a much-needed smackdown on someone in one of the film's fight sequences to be featured. ScreenAnarchy's Todd Brown first posted the photo.

This particular photo comes following the first official stills and several behind-the scenes photos of the film's production in Helsinki, Finland. Sohrab was finally able to gain approval to film the remainder of the movie in Tehran before filming in April following certain guidelines that needed to be met, which, despite a bit of stringence on violence and gore, should still allow plenty of room for Sohrab to dole out some delicious martial arts fight scenery.
Such action weighs in here for Sohrab who himself is the son of a martial arts master, and who has been in entertainment for more t…

BOND 25: Universal Partners For Worldwide Theatrical 2019 Release

Well it took a few years and a small compromise to make happen but we now have another James Bond film in the mix for release next year with cameras now set to roll this December 3. Actor Daniel Craig, following a slight controversial stint, is at long last returning to star as 007 for a fifth outing since rebooting it with Casino Royale onward through the action-packed Spectre.
As the latest announcement reads, EON and MGM have made it official with Universal Pictures partnering to release Bond 25 next year with Universal's UK open on October 25, followed by MGM's U.S. rollout on November 8 through its new joint domestic venture with Annapurna Pictures. Slumdog Millionaire helmer Danny Boyle is finally confirmed to direct from an original screenplay by Academy Award nominee, Trainspotting scribe John Hodge. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli commented, “We are delighted to announce that the exceptionally talented Danny Boyle will be directing Daniel Craig in h…

Boba Fett Spin-Off Confirmed In STAR WARS Franchise With James Mangold To Direct

I actually thought that a Boba Fett film spin-off was already in the works as Disney Lucasfilm was ramping up a new slate of Star Wars IP long prior to The Force Awakens. I suppose it took all this time to make it official and now it is, courtesy of an exclusive at Borys Kit's Heat Vision column at THR on Thursday.
This update came hours before the official theatrical release of Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story, and with even more movies and television content getting new life at the studio. What's more is that James Mangold is up to write and direct the film per the studio's on-going process of developing non-canonical films focused on specific characters in the Star Wars universe, including recently announced films surrounding Lando Calrissian (previously played by Billy Dee Williams and succeeded this weekend by Donald Glover in an origin capacity) and a much hyped-about Obi-Wan Kenobi film with respect to rumors we've been hearing in what feels like foreve…

Soldiers At War Within A War In The Third SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO Official Trailer

This summer has been a great season for moviegoers so far who've taken a liking to actor Josh Brolin. He's lit up the big screen from debuting two longstanding comic book characters Thanos and Cable in different Marvel films and now he's returning one of the most prolific crime thriller sequels to date, Sicario: Day Of The Soldado, following his stellar performance in Denis Villeneuve's 2015 Cannes favorite.
No less than reaching for greatness with Stefano Sollima at the helm here is a story that sees Brolin's reunion with actor Benecio Del Toro as the role of the enigmatic, brooding and relentless enforcer, Alejandro; Really, it's important to have seen the first film to understand the gravity that this installment entails as we now see our two stars warring on opposite sides of an all-out drug war with a deadly twist.
In SICARIO, Day of the Soldado, the series begins a new chapter. In the drug war, there are no rules – and as the cartels have begun trafficking …

UPGRADE: Logan Marshall-Green Is Unstoppable In The Latest Red-Band Trailer

Like anyone who went to SXSW this year and was able to catch the hell out of Leigh Whannell's sci-fi action thriller, Upgrade, I was an absolute mess. I was even more destroyed by how damn cool the very first red-band trailer looked a few months ago and I love how it's catching on to other folks who are curious.
The campaign continues until that badass looking film releases this Friday from BH Tilt to stir the final round of press. With this, they've released a new minute-long trailer filled with rhythmic buzz quotes from previous reviews, all tuned to the percussion of Logan Marshall-Green as a paralyzed technophobe adapting to his newfound abilities by way of an experimental chip that repairs his motorskills and gives him the ability to be the plainly-dressed cyber-powered avenger we didn't know we needed! UPGRADE is a thrilling and hyper violent vision of the future from the producers of GET OUT and THE PURGE, and the creator of SAW and INSIDIOUS.After his wife is ki…